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The Photo Shoot

Well I like the shirt so much that I decided to wear it for the photo that will accompany an article about Easy and Elegant Life in a local on-line magazine this coming January.

You know what? There is a reason that photographers require assistants. These were all done without benefit of another pair of eyes. Which is why all but the last three I rejected out of hand.

Since I’m running today, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the many things that can go wrong with a shot. The secret to getting a good one is simple. Take a thousand. One’s bound to turn out.

That and, as Eddie Ross pointed out, good cropping. I’ll submit two of the last three… Got a vote? (Click to go to a larger file.)

20 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot

  1. I like grey suit, too, though I am not sure that is one of our choices. Maybe I am reading the directions wrong ( a common affliction.) Of the third row I like far left far and away the best.

  2. PS: It’s fun to look at your stack of books. You have the original World of Vogue! Nice! And I love Genevieve Dariaux’s Elegance. I have the original edition too.
    Also, you reminded me that I need to find a copy of Tompkin’s Living Well is the Best Revenge.

  3. Middle image, secod row from top. And left corner image on the last / fourth row down.

    On a related note, who took the one for your November 19th blog post? It’s very good.

  4. Most of the others have slight faults with them. The “Ummm” shot, for instance has the collar of my coat standing out just a bit from my neck, and a funny fold at the gorge. The tie isn’t laying as beautifully as I’d like, too. I’m hoping for _2.

    But thank you all very, very much for the input. We’ll see what the editors select and I’ll be sure and link to the profile!

  5. Hard to pick just one! Lovely shots! Yes — I pick the middle one in the third row. Of course, I would have add a martini glass.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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