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The High Collar


Forgive the late post. I had a meeting this morning and popped into my tailor’s to have a head shot done for a local magazine article. What luck! While I was there one of the two shirts I ordered was ready and waiting for me to try on.

Shirts and I, custom or not, have an uneasy relationship. I usually have a funny wrinkle extending diagonally down from the collar along the front of the shirt to the placket. Drives me to distraction. And getting a collar that fits correctly for someone who is head forward with a skinny neck is no fun either. Did I mention thin wrists that swim in normal cuffs? And then there is the lack of choice of fabric, patterns, cuffs, collars, etc. . Custom is clearly the way to go for me, and I hope that bespoke will be in the offing not too far into the future. But for the moment, for less than the price of an off-the-rack designer shirt like a Canali (which fits me pretty well), I have this beauty.

What makes it different from any other contrast collar pink Dobby? The collar height is the highest that the company makes. The neckband is a full inch wide in front, the back hovers at a Lagerfeldian 2 ¼ at the inside back band it’s 1 7/8”. We kept a small tie space of ¼” between the 3″ rounded points. The buttons are extra-thick, even at the tabbed cuff. And it is monogrammed inside the collar at the back.


Stay tuned for the cocktail cuff, spread collar.

17 thoughts on “The High Collar

  1. An absolutely beautiful shirt! Amazing how a crisp, freshly pressed and well fitting shirt can make the day. And yes, the cuff is an intriguing and unique detail. Looking forward to the info.

  2. Love that shirt.
    I like the high collar quite a bit.
    I dig the look of that house across the street as well.

  3. Yes, the cuffs are beautiful; I’ve never seen french cuffs like that. As always, a well proportioned shirt looks best. I am quite over these trendy short collar shirts- some of us have longer necks! That’s a beautiful shade of pink too, by the way.

  4. Tim Gunn was on Oprah today giving man makeovers and I couldn’t help but think of you and M. Lane at The Epic. I dream of a day where all men dress as sharply as you gentlemen!

  5. Now that’s a Jay Gatsby shirt! It would bring Daisy Buchanan to tears!
    Square with Flair

  6. “Lagerfeldian”…brilliant.

    I’ve gotta have the shirt. Where can I have that thing made? Do I need to come to Richmond? I will!


  7. Chris
    very nice!
    You and Larry really created a beautifully made shirt.
    I am looking for a call from Mr. Wood shortly that my shirt
    is ready for pick up.
    Have a great Holiday, hope the good Richmond weather holds!

  8. The rounded points is an especially nice touch!

    Next time try going full club collar, ala Merkin.

    And I’ve NEVER seen a “tabbed cuff” – very interesting.

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