That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It.

(image via: The Errant Aesthete. Link on my sidebar to her consistently excellent blog.)

Looking at the photo from Eddie Ross’ visit made me aware of something. Well no it didn’t, really. An email from a friend opened my eyes in the end. He pointed out that whilst I looked dashing, I was overdressed.

True. I was the only man at the event in a suit and certainly the only man within miles to wear a collar pin.

I tend to overdress. I think it’s what that fellow pictured above would do. Suits and black shoes for evening events are really the only things that I consider when contemplating my wardrobe before dashing out the door. Unless it’s a casual dinner amongst friends. And then I still might throw on a sportcoat and odd trousers. And if the invitation states “Black tie optional”, I always wear a dinner jacket. Dressing up is just as easy as dressing down and far more elegant. But I do look out of place on occasion.

What about you? Any hard and fast rules about what you wear and when?

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