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Readin’, Writin’ …

Hemingway carried an orange fountain pen made from the (then) brand new bakelite. Channel your own Nobel winning author with Kate’s All-American Rollerball in orange.


And while you’re carrying like Papa, perhaps you’d like to plan your week or jot down an idea or two in one of his favourite brand of notebooks, Moleskine®, the notebook or planner with the pocket in the back. I carry the very small softcover in my backpocket, and use larger hardcovers for keeping notes at my desk. They are a pleasure to write in and writing is far more elegant than typing (although I have smartphone envy… iPhone…) .

Both on sale at Kate’s Paperie right now. Early Christmas present anyone?

12 thoughts on “Readin’, Writin’ …

  1. I love pens as well – I love to write with a fountain pen. Check out Richard’s Pens @ http://www.richardspens.com . There is a lot to look at apart from Montblanc and he’s an expert on the mechanics.

    Pick up a fountain pen and write a note to a friend or relative – you’ll enjoy it, and make someone happy!

  2. I’m with paul here.
    as a recent convert to the fountain pen.

    I remember breaking my first fountain pen when I was new to having a double digit age. Now I’m enjoying writing and just today bought a pane of international stamps (my way of setting a goal).

    this orange pen (my favourite color) would have been perfect if it was a fountain. instead I’m using orange inks.

  3. Pelikan fountain pen, Pelikan ink in Brilliant Black, #4001. A luxury to use, never skips, never blots. All you need to add is your favorite writing paper/stationary and some pretty postage (which is getting more difficult to find in this day and age of issue-themed postage).

    On the subject of postage stamps, does anyone know how to influence the postage stamp offerings? Who would one call to say we would like to see more artistic, original, beautiful postage stamps. Advertising causes on postage stamps is a bit like trying to make a statement with a bumper sticker on the back fender. And on gorgeous writing papers, it is so frustrating to top it off with an ugly stamp. Any suggestions?

  4. Paula, The USPO used to offer a bespoke service. For a pittance more, you upload your own image and they make the stamps. I’m thinking of having my icon done or doing a few runs of Grant, Niven, Cooper, etc. Mrs. PvE would have the most wonderful watercolours and Pigtown-Design stunning images from her header, don’t you think?

    Armod, the fountain pen that Hemingway used was a Parker, I think. Pretty sure they still make it in the orange and it’s good looking!

  5. I am never without a vintage fountain pen–I have several that belonged to my Grandfather. Several years ago, I found a trust-worthy fella here to clean the works and replace their bladders…LOVE them, they are all bakelite. But my favorite daily use pen is a Parker 45.

    Every bag I own has a Moleskine in it, and my artist son uses them religiously.

    You just can’t improve upon some things.

  6. Thanks so much for the visit and lovely comment – do tell more about your heist – not sure my heart would have survived that!

    I adore good pens and notebooks – there’s a very funny bit on stuff white people like about Moleskine. There is something lovely about making a note on good paper with a decent ink pen that adds elegance to the most banal of scribbles.


  7. Love the pen, and tried to acquire it, both at the store and website. Unfortunately, both were out of stock!

  8. I’m sorry Daniel, I must of gotten the last one (a Christmas present for my Mother who read the blog and commented on the pen.) Hunt up a Parker fountain pen and carry the original! eBay?

    ELS, it is my pleasure to visit such a well-written site. I’ve added you to the blogroll. That particular incident was the only one in which shots were fired (into the tarmac? I didn’t turn around to see and got onto the plane post haste.)

    And you’re so right about the good paper and pen. Somehow, both inspire me to do better.

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