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Please Forgive Me

(Image via: The Star)

But I am rapidly losing the fight with a headcold and can’t for the life of me make enough sense of anything to post. I have a birthday present to buy and will then select a pair of pyjamas, prepare a tray and take to bed for the remainder of the afternoon. Mrs. E. and I will attend a performance of The Capitol Steps this evening at a fundraiser and I want to be able to guffaw heartily.

Back sooner rather than later with more Easy and Elegant Life.

7 thoughts on “Please Forgive Me

  1. I thought that photo looked familiar and when I clicked on it I got to The Toronto Star :O) I remember reading that article back when it first ran! I read The Star every day :O)

    Feel better soon!

  2. Have fun! There is nothing quite like an evening with the Captol Steps. It is a rare treat when they venture out our way in Illinois.

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