Animal Magnetism

Well, I can’t believe it! I’ve run across a couple of fashion editorials with which I agree completely. It just goes to prove that if you stick to your guns long enough, your opinions will once again be in vogue. Or in this case, Harper’s Bazaar.

(Photo by Sean Cunningham from the November 2009 issue and used without permission. Let me know….)

Effortless chic. That’s what I’m always going on about. And this must be one of the easiest ways to throw on a single piece over a basic and make your look something special. I can even live with the “Python Extras” because they’re done in grey. But it’s that fox funnel scarf that takes this outfit into the effortless chic realm.

Call me what you will, but I like fur and leather both. Do you remember that scene in “Die Another Day” when Miranda Frost meets Gustav Graves who’s just dropped in at Buckingham Palace? Grey dress and coat, charcoal stole or wrap, tortoiseshell sunglasses? Perfection.

Perhaps it’s a case of animal magnetism?

Consider what a touch of the wild does to the typical all black ensemble of turtleneck, pencil skirt, tights, heels, sunglasses. Now add in an accessory in leopard or alligator. Is it just me?

We men have been quietly doing this sort of thing ourselves (Joe Namath not withstanding.) An alligator watch strap and belt to play against grey flannel and chocolate suede shoes. Peccary or calfskin gloves that match the beaver fur hat. Lizard print embossed Belgians and an ostrich wallet.

It’s all fair game. Give it a try.

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