An Elegant Solution Served Straight Up


When is the last time that you saw someone order a martini on the rocks? I did last weekend. Makes sense. The drink stays much colder. Martinis didn’t used to be as large as they are today. They were quicker to consume. But with our current incarnation downing eight ounces of hard liquor mixed with a splash of wine isn’t the easiest thing to do. Unless it’s very, very cold. And sipping one of these monsters always leaves the drink too warm to properly enjoy by the time you get to the end of it.

I can’t give up the martini “up.” The iconic glass is a thing of beauty to me. The perfection of the round olive resting in the sharp angle at the bottom of the glass is a lesson in good design. It is a divine proprotion, sort of a “silver section” if you will.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that The Architect, himself no stranger to the beauty and challenges of creating good design, would be the one to solve the problem of keeping a martini “up” cold.

“I freeze the olives,” he told me. “They don’t get soggy and the martini stays much colder.”

The simple solution is always the most elegant and The Architect’s is a very easy one.

Off to see Mr. Eddie Ross this evening. Hope I remember my camera.

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