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A Little Perspective for a Monday

I’m not a big fan of the late night shows. They’re on too late for me to catch up with. The humour isn’t my brand and most of the guests… . Mrs. E. sent me this video that was forwarded to her this fine, crisp Monday morning. I hope it reminds us to slow down and be amazed. As I write this, a student bicycled by the window. She was texting and listening to music on her phone… .

And on that note, I’m announcing an open call for bloggers to submit your choices for the Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide 2009. This year’s theme: Life’s Little Luxuries. Holiday Gifts for Frugal Times. Please submit three items (or thoughts, etc.), one less than USD$100, one less than $50 and one less than $25. Please email me no later than December 7th. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “A Little Perspective for a Monday

  1. My feelings exactly!!! Let’s just all slow down for a bit.
    BTW – I am putting my mind to a great list!

  2. What an entertaining video–I never would have seen it! Guests like the gentleman above are so much more interesting than the usual ‘celebrity’ suspects. I have become tired of looking at all of them. This was funny and right on point!

  3. Too funny, it is instant gratification all the way now! I just got very frustrated when a layer on a new work of art isn’t drying fast enough!

  4. Last year, I found one of those old rotary-dial phones at an antique fair. You know those dull gray clunky phones you would see in obscure French films that have an annoying ring? I love it. A wonderful side effect is that I can remember phone numbers again.

    New technology is great, but when you can’t remember your woman’s telephone number after few years because it’s stored in memory, you feel kind of brain dead.

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