The Traveller’s Trouser

(Full Disclosure: my tailor, Leviner Wood, advertises on my blog and I’ve done some writing for them. But they are not compensating Easy and Elegant Life for this post in any other manner. I just like the trousers! Image: via Leviner Wood.)

As many long time readers will know, the tricky question of elegant travel has been debated a number of times before. There are two camps involved, those who dress for appearances and those who dress for comfort. Rarely is there an article of clothing that the two sides will agree fits the bill on both accounts.

Until now. At least that’s what I thought when I saw the cashmere-flannel five pocket jeans for the first time. The hand is lofty (the flannel), but they are extremely lightweight trousers. I would guess 7 – 8 oz. Because they are wool, they have a certain amount of natural stretch or give that makes them very comfortable to wear. The styling is like a pair of men’s jeans — standard rise, straight leg, flat front.

Here’s what I love about them. Under a sportscoat or blazer, you look like you’re wearing a trim cut flannel trouser that looks like something that The Sartorialist would shoot on a passerby in Milan. With a cashmere sweater and loafers, you’re ready for a casual evening out or to hop that flight home. They cost about the same as a high-end designer jean. The only downside I can see is that you have to dryclean them or use a home drycleaning product like Dryel. But then, no one washes bluejeans anyway. Do they?

What do you think? Could these be the first link in the mythical everyday elegant wardrobe?

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