“The Theatre, The Theatre…. What’s Happened to the Theatre?”


Over the weekend, Mrs. E. and I were fortunate enough to be invited to see a premier at our Barksdale Theatre. The show was written by the man who won an Oscar for the screenplay adaption of “The Motorcycle Diaries.” Historically, our premiers go on to do fairly well in the big cities (“Red Hot and Cole” for example.) “Boleros for the Disenchanted”, I’m sure, will follow suit. At the intermission, the guitarist and the singer who were also a part of the play entertained us with boleros whilst The Latin Ballet of Virginia danced their version of the dance.

The title of this post comes from the opening to a Danny Kaye number from “White Christmas.” I like that picture. But I like escapist fare, a good production number or two, some witty dialogue and a happy ending. For those keeping score, “Boleros for the Disenchanted” did have a dance number, some funny moments, incredible performances and sort of a downbeat ending. It is, after all, “serious theatre.” There’s a lot of it out there, Drama.

Serious or not, I tend to dress for the theatre. That’s a live performance with actors working hard for your applause. Dressing makes it an occasion.

The house manager, the producer and I were in ties.


(N.B. clicking through to the photo attachment page will give you another photo that you may click to see a larger image. I’m working on getting a single click to do that. In the photo above: blue three rolls to two button worsted suit, blue spread collar, French/double cuff shirt, navy cashmere knit tie, navy pocket square with mini square pattern in red. Vintage broken coat Parsons Jack Russell Terrier in tricolour.)

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