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Monday Casual


Monday is not the day that I normally hit the ground running in casual attire. Monday call for the fullbore treatment of serious suit, shirt, tie and polished laceups. Both barrels. No quarter. Eat the wounded.

At least that was the case when I worked for a living. Nowadays things can get positively relaxed here at Easy and Elegant Life HQ. Witness the above photo; the only rushing I’ve done was to get seated before the automatic timer took the photo.

It’s still warm’ish here in Central Virginia but, with the arrival of fall, I long to break out my heavier clothing. With afternoon temperatures in the 80’s/20’s and starting off considerably cooler in the mornings, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Hot means white trousers for me. But I’m hanging on to that outdated convention out of sheer bloody-mindedness. On me: a tattersall button down, lightweight wool and nylon tweed jacket (Abboud and wonderful to travel with) and tropic weight trousers in a colour that may best be described as banana-cream. The neckerchief (a large square from New and Lingwood) will be removed as the heat of the day progresses and I see that I’ve forgotten my socks.

Standards are slipping, aren’t they? A variation of this may work for those of you still suffering through casual dress codes.

15 thoughts on “Monday Casual

  1. Slipping? My dear you look great! You should see the standards of business casual at my work place! It would shock you I am sure!

  2. You seem to, generally, have very nice taste in clothing. I’m, therefore, sorry to see you wearing bit loafers. My estimation of a man always goes down a notch or two if I see him wearing those gaudly little adornments.

    It’s almost impossible to imagine an earnest or serious man wearing the things; they are the tassel loafer’s meretricous relation with their eye-catching metal embellishments. Please reconsider the footwear.

  3. I love that your “casual” is way dressier than most people’s dressy. People have really let dressing go. I went to the theatre last week ( an occasion that I think EVERYONE should dress up for) and I was shocked to see how many people were in torn jeans, flip flops (!), sneakers and hooded sweatshirts. I almost passed out. I, on the other hand, wore a full black mini skirt, black silk blouse and Ferragamo heels.

    I am having casual Monday today too- black skinny jeans, white silk top and grey blazer…

  4. Thanks all.

    Ah EHR, I can assure you I am neither serious nor earnest. And I like the way they clink, remind me of spurs…. Even my priest wears them under his cassock.

  5. You have Cary’s look down quite well without looking copied. You’re missing Grace Kelly leaning on your piano! Congrats, seriously-you look great, and the shoes sans socks are a wonderful holdout of summer…

  6. As usual Sir, you look dashing. Absolutely agree on the Cary Grant look-a-like. Just say “hello darling” about thirty times, and I think you’ll be in the movies!

    Its cocktail hour –


  7. Brilliant look. Love the snaffle bit loafers. And I’m impressed with your ability to play the piano without looking. What tune are you playing?

  8. This time of year is especially challenging for me-sportcoat wise. I can only wear a Navy Blazer for so many days. Too hot for my heavier things and too far into the October calendar for my linens.

  9. LBT, “Chopsticks” read left to right.

    ADG, I understand perfectly. I have a number of suits which fall into the 8-9 oz. range and they work well. I layer a vest under them as it gets cooler. Then I’m into my three winter suits and the forest of tweed sports coats and flannel trousers. I’m really getting fed up with anything that wasn’t made for me though. Which is going to be an issue.

    Debra, thank you. That painting gets more comments and interest shown in it than any other here at the Manse. It has a certain Dufy quality to it I think. Painted by my brother-in-law when he was around 11 years of age…

  10. This casual snap has a real candidness to it, and makes it even more “relaxed and elegant” than some of you more formal poses!

  11. Very nice, as usual. Is there something in your pocket besides the square?

    The bit loafers are not for me, but that’s just personal preference. But no socks–in October? I might faint!

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