Monday Casual


Monday is not the day that I normally hit the ground running in casual attire. Monday call for the fullbore treatment of serious suit, shirt, tie and polished laceups. Both barrels. No quarter. Eat the wounded.

At least that was the case when I worked for a living. Nowadays things can get positively relaxed here at Easy and Elegant Life HQ. Witness the above photo; the only rushing I’ve done was to get seated before the automatic timer took the photo.

It’s still warm’ish here in Central Virginia but, with the arrival of fall, I long to break out my heavier clothing. With afternoon temperatures in the 80’s/20’s and starting off considerably cooler in the mornings, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Hot means white trousers for me. But I’m hanging on to that outdated convention out of sheer bloody-mindedness. On me: a tattersall button down, lightweight wool and nylon tweed jacket (Abboud and wonderful to travel with) and tropic weight trousers in a colour that may best be described as banana-cream. The neckerchief (a large square from New and Lingwood) will be removed as the heat of the day progresses and I see that I’ve forgotten my socks.

Standards are slipping, aren’t they? A variation of this may work for those of you still suffering through casual dress codes.

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