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Giving Friday Casual the Boot


It’s the end of October. These days I leave the costume party to the children. Although Mrs. E. did don her finest ’20’s cloche hat, deco scarf and Minnie Mouse shoes for her department’s flapper theme today, we generally spend quiet Hallowe’en evenings watching a movie and handing out candy to the dozen too-old-to-be-doing-this teens who ring our doorbell.

But that doesn’t mean that I will totally ignore the appropriateness of my pumpkin spice/rust coloured moleskin trousers for the “holiday.” I had these cut with a slit along the side seam just because Dick Fowlkes of Peter Blair wore his this way and I thought it looked great. Very colonial cavalry. Which makes the trousers perfect candidates to wear with another perfect fall and winter shoe… or boot in this case.

Whilst we were discussing the casual shoe, I left off another classic option that bridges the casual/dress divide. Along with the iconic Chelsea or Beatle boots, the chukka (named for an inning of polo and given to me by a friend — AM) works equally well when paired with jeans, corduroys, tweeds and moleskins, or a more casual suit. These are highly polished calf with a plain toe. In a pinch, when travelling for example, I could pair them with a grey flannel suit (they are dark brown with a thin leather sole) and still look very presentable.

Until I sat down, crossed my legs and revealed socks like these.

Happy Hallowe’en!


13 thoughts on “Giving Friday Casual the Boot

  1. At the risk of sounding repetitive, the australian Rossi boots are wonderful blend of style and ruggedness. Blundstones are a similar make an style, although no longer built in Australia.

  2. Wonderful detail of the split cuff. Very dashing, and original. Now, what on earth happened to the wall in the background? Silver paint sponge treatment? I’m sure you’re just in love with it, but it certainly photographs strangely…I know, everyone’s a critic.

  3. Hi CallMeAl, indeed. The advantage to the boot I’m wearing is a shaped toe — much like what you’d find on a plain toe blucher — and the thin sole. Under a trouser it looks very much like a dress shoe.

    Thanks All!

  4. Hello Mr. Pehrson, it’s Ralph Lauren’s Candlelight effect. A wash, in many ways. We followed instruction instead of doing as we did on the ceiling which simply glows under artificial light.

  5. I’m with Mrs. Blandings on this one. I, too, covet men’s shoes and these boots, whether called Chelsea’s, Beatle Boots, Rossie’s or Chukka’s are divine.

    Happy Halloween to you E.

  6. Question concerning the bottom picture, is there a space on the top of your boot? It looks like there is a small section where you can see the sock poking through. I’m not familiar with any boot where you can see that.
    Love the socks!

  7. Just wanted to let you know that Eddie Ross will be in Richmond on the 16th. Hope you get to meet! Eddie will knock your socks off with some easy and elegant tips (not that you need any) –

  8. I’m not familiar with “moleskin” trousers. A quick google search indicates that it is a type of cotton. Any additional explanation would be great, thanks!

  9. Nick, they are ankle boots and have two eyelets that close the quarters. So think of a tall sort of shoe.

    Mrs. PvE, I just saw a thing. I will overcome my innate shyness and try to make the scene. That’s a busy week (but aren’t they all?) I shall wear special socks for the occasion.

    Greg, think felt. You cannot believe how comfortable they are.

    Mrs. B., she left most non-plussed. Although the most authentic, everyone expected a fringed beaded number and a feathered headband.

    EA, you Mrs. B. and Mrs. E have a lot in common.

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