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Fruit Stand


A quick hit today as my daughter is still home with me and ill. At her recent birthday party no fewer than three guests (of the ten adults present) commented on my fruit and vegetable stand. I don’t know about you, but if I keep the vegetables in the icebox bins they never get used. Fruit that is out of sight is never asked for by the children. My solution was to take three cake stands (the two large white are from Belgium and the colourful top one from Portugal), stack them and keep them filled with seasonal treats.

Really the trickier part is keeping the rest of the counter free of clutter which, when achieved and combined with the fruit stand, makes for a very easy and elegant kitchen display.

Do you keep food on the counter? Or is it all neatly stored away?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go straighten that picture.

9 thoughts on “Fruit Stand

  1. I have a great bronze bowl that I fill with seasonal fruits and vegetables. This image is wonderful. As an artist see how the colors all complement each other!

  2. Excellent. My wife used to get upset with me come week’s end when she would notice the spoiling fruit in the drawer of the refrigerator. I always asked why she put it someplace I never look. Now, we keep it all on the counter, and it doesn’t last more than a couple of days before the children devour it. Granted, our set up is not quite as nice as yours, but now we have something to aspire to.

  3. I keep fruit in a bowl- you are absolutely right- it does not get eaten if tucked away in the fridge! There is the whole banana conundrum however. Bananas make other fruit ripen faster (too fast) and I try to keep them separate from the other fruit in the bowl. Too bad because bananas look very artistic in a fruit bowl…

  4. Our ripening bowl is a pewter one, purchased at a Pierre Deux in the 80’s. I like pears on a plate or more shallow dish. I also like to have a bowl of fruit on the dining room table, especially when I don’t have a fresh flower/ivy, etc. One way to make the refrigerator look better is to use baskets, uniform in shape and size and lined with waxed paper, to store produce–particularly good for lemons, limes, apples, lettuces, etc. But a fruit bowl on the counter is welcoming and homey.

  5. Yes, I do keep fruits on the counter and a glass jar full of treats. I love nuts and dried fruits and a few friends and I were talking about the joy of nuts in baskets and nutcrackers during the holidays.
    I restocked my fruits, bananas, apples, pears, and lemons and limes.
    Cheers to good health and a well child.

  6. I have a great old yellow-ware bowl that my parents collected on their numerous antiquing expeditions and that’s where I keep my fruit. I don’t like chilled fruit, so this works perfectly!

  7. I like to keep the vegetables and fruit out in the open; my spouse does not. This has caused some friction. Not to mention rot in the crisper drawer.

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