With or Without?


Or without?

Without, I think. And I’ll tell you why. That’s not a custom made shirt. Which means that were you to be close enough to determine the origin of my cologne, you might very well be distracted by the ill-fitting collar of my shirt. Specifically, the way the points hover above my chest without actually settling down and staying a while. A quick solution may be to take out the collar bones. But there is something else amiss. The way the tie hangs limply, a defeated fish with no proud arc, says even more.

Properly fit, with a bit of tie space, the collar and the tie perform a magnificent lift, arcing gracefully into the coat front without need for a tiebar, tack or collar pin. That’s when you know you’ve found something so very elegant. A well cut shirt.

This is what you’re shooting for (actually, there is a lot here to shoot for…):

(Image via the very good blog: Permanent Style)

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