Train of Thought

How is it that the smallest room on the ground floor is the one that is giving me the most fits these days?

I can’t stand the half-bath, or powder room or whatever you call it. At the moment it is pale green (sort of celadon) with chrome fixtures and a towel rack/shelf that is based on a train thing. There are two Erté prints on the wall and a pair of frosted glass sconces at the sides of the silver painted oval mirror. There is also a towel ring that is a duller finished metal that doesn’t match much of anything, but it was so neat looking and on sale that I bought it. The floor is improperly stained hardwood.


What I really want to do is this.


Subtly uplit behind mahogany door panels to mimic the windows in the hallway or the cabins.


Perhaps with a pulldown shade to really go all out.

(Image: TheInspiredRoom)



But I doubt it will actually ever happen. So I’ve put it up here. Just to get it off my chest. Thanks for your indulgence. I’ll just keep this on continual loop instead.

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