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The Guest on the Hostess

The Blushing Hostess

I’m guest blogging today at the always entertaining, informative and charming The Blushing Hostess Entertains. The topic is a ticklish one (if we’re lucky): “The Sexy Hostess.”

Please drop by and let me know your thoughts and many thanks to Blushing for thinking of me!

6 thoughts on “The Guest on the Hostess

  1. Excellent post on Blushing Hostess. I listen to you. Here’s a question that must be answered, however. Please be honest. I prefer dressing simply – classic lines – little-to-no adornment – little makeup (except for red lips!) – clean hair. That’s it. However, when my gal pals flash the decolletage, and don lots of bling – the husbands just drool. What’s up with that? How much flash is allowably elegant? And, do men prefer flash over all else?

  2. Hello Anon 12:02 — there is understated elegance and there is glamour (a post to come soon.) Rosalind Russell and Lauren Bacall vrs. Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. I can’t pretend to speak for all men, I only know my “type.” Bling catches the eye (follow Coco Chanel’s edict that you should always take off one thing before leaving the house), and men are primarily visual creatures. Some of us may mistake the packaging for the content. Wit and intelligence tend hold my interest; a certain level of realistic fitness is always appreciated. So I guess it depends on your goals. To seduce you have to catch his eye. To remain in the picture, you have to hold his interest. As for your look, I remember a video by Robert Palmer that featured some stunning “band members” who wore only black dresses, red lipstick (and foundation, to be sure, it was television) and heels. I can’t seem to recall what it was that Mr. Plant wore. As I wrote, it is confidence that wins the day. Regardless of your adornment, you project what it is you wish the world to see. Elegance comes from within.

    For further research see Renee Russo in “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Katherine Hepburn in “Holiday.” Or maybe Glenn Close in “Dangerous Liaisons.” But what do I know? Tricky subject and if I could bottle it… well… it’d be all bespoke all the time.

  3. Thank you for a very thoughtful and helpful response. I remember that Robert Plant video – it was persuasive – and instructive, as well. But, you said it most succinctly “Regardless of your adornment, you project what it is you wish the world to see.” Delicious food for thought.

  4. Good Lord P-D, of course…. I shall correct that at once. I wasn’t exactly up on the mainstream stuff back then.

    Blushing! Cheerfully. I have much to learn from your site.

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