Sick Days


Does this happen to you?

I’m ill today. Laryngitis. Which means I’ve caught a virus from one or both of the children. It’s raining, too. I meant to throw on a pair of cavalry twill trousers and my double soled cordovan brogues with a shirt and the Barbour jacket. The next thing I know, I’m pulling on the suit and tie. Ill-fitted, isn’t it? It’s an old twill Lauren by Ralph Lauren about a size too big and tailored with a very full break at the cuffs. So I’ll ditch the jacket and don the Barbour. I’ll loosen my tie to check for strep throat anyway… .

What to take away from this post? Fit matters. And, the worse you feel the better you should dress; especially if you’ve got to go out. It sort of cheers you up. At least a little.

No tie arch… again.

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