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Model Behaviour

Forgive the rambling nature of the last couple of posts. I’m reducing and my mind does tend to wander a bit. But there is a beautiful eggplant staring at me from the refrigerator, so a recipe post won’t be long in coming. Hackett’s “Mr. Classic” has me thinking and I’ve just visited my tailor to commission a couple of shirts, so there’s that waiting in the wings for you, too.

I haven’t been to the Club lately. The schedule simply hasn’t permitted lengthy Champagne fueled luncheons. (More’s the pity.) But yesterday’s comment by Paula about the dancing club sparked a thought today (as I’ve often mentioned, I learn an awful lot from your comments!)

Even Mrs. E. has been victim of a “ladies night out.” You know, those women only evenings where we are discussed, but not much missed, among many other more interesting topics. I usually pass on the male equivalent during which the finer points of football are discussed, poker skills are polished, fish tales are told, cigars are passed around and much is made of the effect of maturing bourbon in an single barrel of oak. I just don’t have much to add to the conversation.

Still the idea is a sound one. And if I were just starting out, or newly single, I would propose “Gentlemen’s Night Out” the object of which would be to hone our gentlemanly skills. And by that I mean, how to prepare a decent dinner and pair food with wine, how to carry on civil conversation of a non-sports or business nature and how to hold one’s liquor (“I’m right handed,” my id pipes in. Alright pally outta the pool. It’s adult swim.) Of course, the evening would require a dress code, subject to seasonal changes. I may show a classic movie to model classic behaviour. Or have the local wine merchant in to lead a tasting. If along the way, a few darts get thrown, a bid for two clubs is made or a pool ball gets sunk in a corner pocket that would be fine too. Men will be men. I just think we could be even better at it. The point would be to learn something new and become better dinner companions in the long run.

Although I suspect I may be the only one in attendance.

17 thoughts on “Model Behaviour

  1. Mr. E:

    Name the date, time, and place and you will have company. Afterall, it would be a pity to spend such a fine evening alone. The first bottle of bordeaux is on me! I lawyer in Greensboro and my wife and I are always excited when I have a case in the 4th circuit and have a chance to stay at the Jefferson. Great idea!


  2. So, EEL, since you feel as though you wouldn’t have anything to add to the typical “boys-night-out” conversations, what topics would you elect to discuss? Just curious…

  3. I would attend that night out as well. I’m always a little disappointed when the conversation amongst men turns to sports, business, or politics.

  4. I would be there, as well. We had a get together with several couple months back, on the same day as the NFL draft. The men were inside acting as if they knew who some defensive back from Slippery Rock was, while the women and I were outside enjoying the weather. At some point, somebody selected someone the mob didn’t think they should and proverbial “AAHHH” rang out along with a lot of banter that included, for some reason, profanity. I turned to my wife and said, “that’s why I don’t do the boy’s night out thing.” Now, a GENTLEMAN’S night out on the other hand…..

  5. Ex-banker Jon… the usual… Wine.. wardrobes and song. Movies, music, theatre, food, sculpture, installations, auctions, travel, books, who knows? Like Nate, I’m tired of sports, business and politics.

    Turling, and I’ll bet you held court…

  6. Books, Traveling, and Food seem to be the favored alternatives between my friends, when not talking sports, business, and politics. We do, however, have that one friends who seemingly cannot discuss anything other than sports. As we’ve gotten older and later in our 20’s, wardrobe has worked it’s way in. So maybe there is hope yet.

  7. David, I do the listening then. Bad intel will get you killed every time. These days, it’s mostly divorce, but I do have friends who can be relied upon to relate something scandalous and fun.

  8. I’ll definitely be attending an evening like that.

    I’m a new reader and very glad to find a place that tells me how to go about doing what I’m thinking in the traditional manner.

  9. Oh, this is better than being a girly fly on the wall, listening to you manly men. You love music, right, Mr. E? Tonight, before washing up for bed, I tinkered on the piano with “Whenever I Feel Afraid” from the King and I – but I arranged it in the minor – brought it down to half-time – spooky and sexy. Too bad there were no musicians there.

  10. DD, Mrs. E. was running some scales last night. Can’t wait for her lessons to start. I wish I had kept with piano, but my mom was the teacher… . You had a perfect end to an evening.

    EA, I do think we need more of it.

    Karena, he’s out there. Continue to be charming, accomplished and creative. I believe that like attracts like. Especially having tried the “opposites attract” route before I met Mrs. E. .

  11. Armod, welcome and thank you for reading. Don’t forget to read the comments, too. I learn a lot from my readers and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with their comments, too.

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