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In Light of a Few Comments

The brown whipcord suit is being given a new home. Thank you for confirming what I have suspected. I’m a hopeless pack rat. Somehow I ignored that suit when I went through the closet early in the year.

Today’s effort, as I return from visiting my tailor, is decidedly more urbane. It is a double stripe navy three button by Hackett. Hacking pockets, pickstitching, maroon lining, surgeon’s cuffs, a button fly and side straps on the double reverse pleated, yet narrow, trouser. This suit has a lot of custom touches (and was the gift of a friend. Many, Many Thanks!) I might lengthen the sleeves, if possible. But I don’t mind showing a lot of linen. As long as it’s not too bad.


I’ve heard that the trend toward the modern man in the grey flannel suit can be attributed to AMC’s “Mad Men” and to a backlash against anyone who may be thought to be “dressing like a banker.”


Why wasn’t there a general outcry railing against casual dress codes when the dot-com bubble burst? Because most men are very comfortable being grown-up fraternity boys in sweats and jeans.

Still, I was awfully serious looking until I changed into the brighter tie. And these bright green socks…


Just because I’m grown up, doesn’t mean that I’m serious all the time. Add a little whimsy, now and then, to your kit. If only to put a smile on your face.

5 thoughts on “In Light of a Few Comments

  1. Very debonair… I love Hackett. Mr. DC and I visit the one on Sloane Street every time we are in London. And the green socks? I love how they add a whimsical punch to an otherwise conservative look…

  2. The suit looks great. You’re absolutely on mark with the socks. I have a drawer full that make me smile. I also swap out grosgrain watch straps daily. Since my eye rests on my ankle when legs are crossed or on my wrist while working, these fun items provide a pick-me-up throughout the day.

  3. thanks Brent. They never really match, but I do tend to go for the colourway. The yellow one is actually peppered with white dots, they just don’t show well. The blue Charvet above has green dots where the tie has an woven tonal blue diamond pattern.

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