I Have the Honour of Presenting…

There are any number of ways with which you may introduce or be introduced to someone. And if you’re like me, all of them make you break out into a cold sweat.

I’m terrible with names.

I once introduced a girlfriend to my Uncle, who is an M.D. . I introduced her to Dr. C. . He grinned and asked what else I called him… I blanked. In fact, I’ve just done it again remembering the incident. Of course, Uncle Nick (phew!) would never remember my gaffe; but I continue to be mortified to this day.

One of the subtle ways to project your elegant nature is to not only remember a name, but be able to introduce several friends to one another.

I’m terrible at this.

In fact, the only fighting chance that I have is if Mrs. E. briefs me on the way into the party. It’s something that I picked up from my father and mother. On the way to a party, they would go over the guests that they may encounter. If memory serves, Mom was the keeper of the intel, unless it was a military thing, and then it was Dad’s turn to go over the hierarchy of rank and who was attached to whom. It is a strategy which I highly recommend. Writing and arranging place cards can also set names in my head. But it is an awfully formal dinner party that would warrant them and I really can’t seat more than six at my table. Six people’s names I can usually handle.

When I’m the one in the middle, I tend to muddle through until one guest meets another and I make do with a rather lame “Oh, I thought you two knew each other….”

Don’t be surprised if one day we meet and I can only remember a screen name. Easy? Yes. Not the most elegant moment, though. It is one of my resolutions to do better at introductions so that by the time of the annual New Year’s fête and Anniversary soirée I will comport myself better at the door.

Do you have any tricks for remembering names? Or is it natural for you?

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