Feeling the Need…


Well, AMC was showing “Top Gun” last night and Mrs. E. had “parent’s night” to attend, sooo… Not really a great movie.


“Saw Top Gun” said Spiff over the phone.

“What’d’ya think…Make you want to join up?”

“No, makes you want to have enough money to buy one of those cool planes….”

Soon after, Spiff served for eight years aboard a boomer.

Must of been one of the greatest recruiting vehicles of all time. It was peacetime… .

Come on! you’re protesting right about now. This is about the search for an Easy and Elegant Life, remember???

O.K. . There’s something else “Top Gun” teaches us… That classic style never goes out of fashion.. Look at Kelly McGillis’ wardrobe… dated. Look at Tom Cruise. Stepped out of the magazines. Why? Leather flight jacket. Razor cut hair. Aviator sunglasses. Some things are eternal and when you feel the need to invest in something, stick with the classics. You’ll look as good years from now as you did when you bought them.

Other than that? Stick with your wingman this weekend and don’t forget the rules of engagement.

(Ray Bans circa 1988. Prescription lenses these days.)

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