Dick Cavett, Richard Burton, Reality TV

Dick Cavett Interviews Sir Richard Burton

I’ve never been a fan of reality television. I don’t even watch those competitions. (Especially “Dancing with the Stars.” I think that they are all spectacular — at least the clips they show on the “news” and the commenting by the judges that others have passed on to me sounds awful. Things have gotten just too … snarky (?) for me.

And that’s why you have to love the internet, Charlie Rose, and Dick Cavett, not necessarily in that order.

If you’ve got a moment (and the half hour will seem to be just that — an all-too-brief moment) please treat yourself to the thrill of watching Mr. Cavett and Sir Richard Burton.

Reality should be a lot more like this. (Reading Mr. Cavett’s column will also put a smile on your face.)

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