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Dick Cavett, Richard Burton, Reality TV

Dick Cavett Interviews Sir Richard Burton

I’ve never been a fan of reality television. I don’t even watch those competitions. (Especially “Dancing with the Stars.” I think that they are all spectacular — at least the clips they show on the “news” and the commenting by the judges that others have passed on to me sounds awful. Things have gotten just too … snarky (?) for me.

And that’s why you have to love the internet, Charlie Rose, and Dick Cavett, not necessarily in that order.

If you’ve got a moment (and the half hour will seem to be just that — an all-too-brief moment) please treat yourself to the thrill of watching Mr. Cavett and Sir Richard Burton.

Reality should be a lot more like this. (Reading Mr. Cavett’s column will also put a smile on your face.)

7 thoughts on “Dick Cavett, Richard Burton, Reality TV

  1. Snarky is the word for every so-called reality television show out there. I am seriously sad for anyone for whom those shows are really their reality–how about those dismal housewives of New York? Then there are the shopping shows, the diet shows, the families fighting on TV, the bizarre dancing, getting fired, getting kicked off of an island (sounds like a blessing to me)!

    Dick Cavett has one of the most beautiful speaking voices I have ever heard. Both Mr. Cavett and the genuinely witty Johnny Carson harken from my state–that would be Nebraska. They both had intellect and humor and were as cute as can be. Add Jack Parr to the mix, and it was smart & sophisticated adult TV programming for decades. Mr. Cavett narrates an ad for the University of Nebraska which is often run during their televised football games–He was born in Kearney, but he attended the same grade school and junior high as I did in Lincoln. He attended Yale University at a time when Yale had academic integrity.

    None of the late night shows since have come close–Letterman is generally bitter and foul, and his vulgar comments about Gov. Palin’s young daughter were positively disgusting. Neither Cavett, Carson, nor Parr would have ever, EVER said anything so bully, especially about a young lady. Leno made a career of telling junior high bathroom jokes for cheap laughs, and the new lot of hosts are just plain dull. Add their equally dull celebrity guests, and well, going to bed early has never felt so good!!

  2. Upon reviewing my message, I realize I sound irritable and complaining. My apologies–I think just the mere mention of reality tv makes me cranky.

  3. Paula, It’s quite alright. I gave up late night television ages ago. Mostly because I couldn’t stay up that late. But Johnny Carson? There’s a reason he was called “The King of Late Night TV.” Humour in general is far less sophisticated than it used to be. (But the animal segments did make me laugh…)

  4. Although maybe he should have been knighted, Richard Burton wasn’t. The furtherest up that ladder for him was CBE. Even his twice-time (as opposed to two-time) wife achieved the equivalent of a knighthood as a DBE, (Dame), but as an American cannot “use” it, as in call me: “Dame Elizabeth”.

    I do agree about the late night shows, (and we are limited here, btw); what’s the point of Letterman? I just don’t get it. He’s purile, and if I’d been to one, would think it “frat behaviour”. Oh dear.

    You are looking trim Mr E&EL. Good on you. I dropped 12 kilos last year (and had a barrage of negative comments), but as it had been achieved by diet and exercise and I’ve maintained it for about 18 months, I think it’s a good thing. Especially at my advanced age, (of 50 ish. Just.)

    The clothes look much better. Not the least of which, “one” does too!

  5. Columnist, thanks for the correction. I always think of him as “Sir.” Hmm… Kudos for the use of “purile.” Just the word. And thank you for the compliment. I am within a pound of my first goal. But really, the tailoring of the suit is a big part of the illusion. You dropped 12 kilos and gained a heap of criticism? I don’t get it at all. Keep up the good work. You’ll feel that much better, and yes, you will make a very good hanger for your clothing.

  6. Sorry, yes puerile, not purile! One of those days for typos!

    I don’t quite know what it is about the weight loss thing that gets people upset. I see Stephen Fry has lost a bundle of weight, and is being criticised for it. I suspect it’s jealousy, and as we know, most in the western world are morbidly obese, and that really is obscene given the starvation in some parts of the world, (and not too far away from where I live).

    Actually this story is much better than the one I was referring to, and he does look so much better; the other called him tired and aged by the diet:

  7. Mr. E, this post could not have been more perfectly timed or on point. After hearing the news of Mr. Letterman’s live, on-air confessions of his smarmy life . . . now his show has become reality tv, too!

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