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Bottling Water


Just a quick thought. Mrs. E. can’t tolerate water that is too cold. In summer, she’s very happy with our filtered tap water as it is room temperature. Drives me to distraction. I like cold water.

Refrigerator space is always at a premium here at The Manse. I got rid of our Brita Filter pitcher a while back. Besides, it was plastic… I also don’t like drinking out of plastic. (Did I mention that the glass association was a client at a firm I was with in D.C.? Never thought about plastic the same way again.) I am also convinced that capping bottles and sealing up food makes the refrigerator work more efficiently.

So I was pleased today to realize that I had saved an old Effervé French Limonade bottle with its ceramic stopper. Voilà! Cold water by the bottle. And, if you should find yourself midweek longing for the weekend, you may premix martinis in the same sort of bottle and store them in the freezer. A habit of Mrs. E.’s grandfather, if he was serving less than a crowd… In that case the cocktail was mixed by the gallon, over a chunk of ice, in a ham cooker and garnished with floating olives and lemon peels.

9 thoughts on “Bottling Water

  1. Oh my. What an idea for martinis! Kingsley Amis would freeze ice in the bottom of martini glasses and then pour the drink over the top when needed. This is even better..

    I am of the same mind as Mrs. E. I do not care for cold water.


  2. I know just the spot to take you when you come to NY, The water arrives at the table in bottled tap water….no make that a beautiful bottle. Even Coke tastes better from glass.

  3. I must agree with pve. Coke does taste better from a glass. We us glass milk bottles with a cork stop to keep our lemonade, iced tea, etc in the refrigerator. And, no, we don’t actually use them for milk, which is quite ironic.

    And, I read ice water burns more calories then room temperature water. I have therefore made drinking ice water my entire workout routine. I’m working out right now, as a matter of fact.

  4. It’s funny – I recently took to drinking Boylan’s original seltzer, which comes in a small glass bottle. Seems more refreshing that way.

    I’m always amazed at:

    -How cookies taste better off of plates than out of bag
    -How a dress shirt looks nicer on a wooden hanger than a wire one
    -How lunch tastes better when I throw out the wrapper and eat it using real serving wear.

    Never underestimate presentation.

  5. Little Santa Cokes in December–the little bottles are the best! The six-pack carton with Santa on it makes a nice gift, simply wrapped up with a tartan bow, for the mailman and UPS driver. Great for teen parties, along with bottled water in a tub of ice. I agree with DC Lawyer and Homer–all beverages taste better when served in the right glass.

  6. Well, what do you filter your water with, if you threw out your Brita? I’m always looking for new products – and I’m sick of the plastic!

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