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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy

(Not much of a shot, sorry… I was getting ready to go to the dentist for a chipped tooth/filling.)

We’re winding down the white linen season. The thought of the more somber colours of an autumn wardrobe is always a pleasant one for me. Don’t get me wrong, I spend most of summer wearing white and light khaki combinations. But after the tan begins to fade, the navy and grey suits… err … suit. By then, I’m ready for a change signaled by the cooler weather.

Are you?

There are still a couple of weeks left until Labor Day. Have you planned to make the most of your summer wardrobe? Yes, you heard me correctly. Let’s make the most of our summer clothing. Revel in wearing your linen, whites, seersucker, madras and the like.

Traditionally, Mrs. E. and I throw a birthday party the last week of August for a dear friend. It’s usually black tie. Which means that the men wear their white dinner jackets. This year, The Architect and partner will be hosting the cocktail party. Which is a little like saying that we’ve been invited to Gatsby’s Saturday evening. At least in terms of elegant surroundings. The dress will be cocktail casual — which is probably a little dressier from what most might imagine. I may add a white coat to the ensemble shown above, as I did for that trip to the dentist…


Or opt for a sportier tennis shirt and full cut trouser, as shown in the Fellowes illustration of 1935 (from “Men In Style.”) I will leave mi boina at home.


In the end, I may stick to white silk/cotton trousers and a darker linen shirt with spectator loafers. I don’t know.

What festivities will you invent, celebrate or attend in the coming weeks? Whatever you do, make sure to send out the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer in your best.

(Mrs. E. late summer wedding, by permission…)

12 thoughts on “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy

  1. Thank you CL, there was a brief stint in NYC as a Ford girl in her past. But it’s the exotic lineage that combined so nicely in one smart (in every sense of the word) package.

  2. Your cocktail casual looks great! Beautiful lady! Hope the tooth doesn’t hurt.

    We’re hosting a birthday party this weekend for my granddaughter from NYC- tons of rellies are coming and lots of children – the attire will definately be shorts – indigo linen with white linen collared shirt for me. Just need to keep the hurricanes out at sea.

    Cheers —

  3. You are one elegant couple! Great outfit as always. As Autumn is my favorite season I am always looking forward to my fall clothes but the summer dress-up clothes are great too!

    NICE bar, by the way, in the first photo.


  4. Beautiful hat – and lovely lady too. I do like to see women (and men) in elegant hats.

  5. Hello dear Cocktail goer,
    1/ Great cocktail casual style, especially daring as the pant is darker than the jacket (a no do following the rules but a well-done if managed with panache); How about adding a neckerchief of ascot to the whole picture?
    2/ Lovely sparkling Mrs. E ! Perfect chin for such a hat!
    Regards from Lake Geneva.

  6. Mrs. E. is simply gorgeous — a really lovely portrait! I adore her hat!

    And of course — you do look like a handsome, dashing rake — I doubt that Errol Flynn could outdo your dashing outfit! Sigh.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage (in a constant state of inelegance during these blasted hot days!)

  7. E –

    Truly an ode to Gatsby.

    You look so urbane, sophisticated and debonair. The epitome of summer chic. You do both Jay and Cary proud. And Mrs. E, a former “Ford” girl! How rightfully fitting is that? And most stunning in her ‘Daisy style’ hat.

    I am always a bit saddened at summer’s end and the packing away of the linens and whites. But the coming autumn cheers me with thoughts of wools and earth tones.

    The bar is magnificent. Something that great maestro of the bar tray would have chosen for himself.

  8. The lazy, hazy dog days of summer certainly have a sultry elegance at your home.
    You must be the envy of the neighborhood. If I lived across the street, I would be sketching your comings and goings, so elegantly clad.
    Cheers to linen, seersucker, madras and to hats!

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