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I’m curious. I just had a discussion with my father-in-law, and later that day my tailor, about how we use the new media. I’ve got a four question survey that I would love to have you fill in. Click the link below and let me know the basics, thanks!

Click Here to take survey

6 thoughts on “eYou

  1. Excellent post Easy —
    Informative, well-executed, and well-written. Thanks for the primer, I learned a lot from it. Reggie

  2. Mario Buccellati produced some incredible silver pieces also replicating objects found in nature; I own a Buccellati apple (which serves as a silver cigarette lighter); Buccellati’s attention to detail is unparalleled.

    Be certain to checkout the botanical designs by Royal Copenhagan; Flora Danica botanicals were first painted for Catherine the Great over in Imperial Russia. I own four dinner plates and a cake plate; amazing attention to detail. Google it.

  3. I “took” the survey (while it was still active), but answered none of the questions because none of the options applied. Perhaps you may wish to take oddities such as me into account the next time you make a survey.

  4. Hi Brent, I’m always interested in how others live. The survey was aiming to create a large picture of the ways that we are using electronic media. I should have enabled the comments fields to let everyone chime in. Thanks for trying, though!

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