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At the beach last week, Mrs. E. and I remembered to pack along a few DvD’s to appease our addiction to the nightly dinner and a movie that is our habit here at the Manse. (We don’t watch television as the commercials are maddening in this day and age of video on demand.) What I failed to take into account was our (well, my) preference for Blue Ray titles. All beach houses these days are equipped with a DvD player. None of them with a Blue Ray.

By the last night, we were out of options and rain prevented us (as it had for most of the week) from sitting quietly on the porch. Until we stumbled across Turner Classic Movies Presents: The Essentials. Deborah Kerr, Cary Grant, “An Affair to Remember” complete, uncut and commercial free, hosted by Robert Osborne and Alec Baldwin.

I’ve not been much of one for “weepies,” happily, this didn’t qualify as one. At least in my book. At least not like “Gunga Din,” “We Were Soldiers Once,” or “Black Hawk Down” which always raise a lump in my throat.

The Essentials runs each Saturday night at 8 pm and won’t compete with “Mad Men” on AMC (which we watch a season at a time on DVD.) So if you’re stuck out of town, you don’t have to do without a dose of classic film, classic style and classic inspiration. Kudos to TCM for recognizing a need and giving us access to the classics where ever there is cable.

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7 Responses to Essential TV

  1. I forgot to dvr it. I should own it. It is just the best cry fest.

  2. Mrs. B.! DVR? Is there that much good stuff on I’m missing? Hmmm…

  3. Tessa Scoffs says:

    Every week or so I peruse the listings for anything coming up on TCM that looks even mildly interesting. I record those that do and watch at my leisure. If I have made a mistake and the movie is bad — poof! — I erase it. TCM is very good at offering screen gems I’d never heard of before. Too many to list here.

  4. Welcome Ms. Scoffs, hmmm… I may have to look into this DVR thing.

  5. Turling says:

    If you have kids, the DVR will quickly turn into a listing of Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry.

    It does come in quite nicely for watching my beloved Spurs in the English Premier League. They play West Ham on Sunday morning at 5:25 am pacific. Unfortunately, I’ll probably still get up and watch it, even though I’ll set the DVR to go. What’s one to do. Anyway, I’ve wandered off topic a I normally do….

  6. Paul says:

    An Affair to Remember — The Best! We keep an eye on TCM quite a bit. I’m a big Carey Grant fan – and last week there was a whole day of him. All great movies. Cheers!

  7. Paul says:

    Ooops == make that “C-a-r-y”

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