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Completely Off Topic

The washer/dryer should finally be fixed today, after a week. I have a business meeting this afternoon, tax things to sort out and a photo shoot with my daughter, for her new school, in the early evening. While we have managed to reroute the flow of ants from the inside to the outside of the house, I am amazed by the cunning of the mouse. Today, the mercury is predicted to hit 94ºF/34ºC.

These are the times that are very trying in the search for an easy and elegant life. In days gone by, I would have retreated into a good book, some jazz samba and the air conditioning. Unlikely today. Or I may have taken a trip to the museum, which is closed for renovation.

Oh, and my son just bit my daughter whilst I was momentarily indisposed.

What are your tactics for dealing with one of those days that your parents warned you about?

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6 thoughts on “Completely Off Topic

  1. Blogs which are positive and focus on a better quality of life at home (such as yours), music (turn up the Bose), a long, brisk walk with the dog, baking, and prayer. Housework is also underrated. A nice feeling of control over one’s life results from cleaning the house. Same with cutting the grass. Instant gratification! Tomorrow will be better!

  2. The idea that we make a difference every day in some small way. I try to make time for friends family and art after my work and blogging. Of course I am so lame I could not get set up on Twitter, or am I?

  3. I suppose if this easy life were truly the goal, one would aquire a nanny and then boarding school to overcome the child rearing drudgery. In so doing one would make some measure of relational sacrifice. Kids can completely mess up ones Aesthetic, wait…..
    Sorry gotta run, diaper changing time.

  4. We had one of those days yesterday, where we (the parents) tried to tell or to warn our (said sons) of something which did indeed come to fruition. A not so good lesson, a hard lesson that life is not always fair or on topic. Getting up, dusting one’s self off, and reminding one that the most important is that you find happiness or a sense of peace. It is work, love, friends that make happiness. Each of us do not come out on the other side without some sort of scar of cross to bear which in many ways, is life off topic, but with so much more meaning.

    Breathing, yoga, taking a walk, playing tennis, laughter, good wine, friends, family, connecting, helping others to see the hope of happiness.

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