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Sage Advice: Mr. Spano Speaks … Volumes

7 thoughts on “Sage Advice: Mr. Spano Speaks … Volumes

  1. eA, it’s the whole package. He looks as if he stepped out of a Fellowes illustration. Brilliant mix and one I would love to emulate. (I recall seeing him in this ensemble before, but I wasn’t sure it was on video.) I have a secret hankering to wear a pencil thin or military clipped moustache when I go grey.

  2. Mimo is a great guy. He doesn’t owe Alan Flusser a requisite nod. However, he learned all of his …”Hollywood 1930’s-Fellowes-Apparel Arts” contrivances from the master….Flusser…where he was employed for several years.

  3. Mimo is all about taste and quality that endures. Good clothes wear “in ” they don’t wear out. Take Fred Astaire out of a movie that he made in 1935 and look at his clothes, they look just as fresh as tasteful in 2010 as they did in 1935.
    Good taste is forever. Mimo is the master !
    Alan Zaitz, VP, Graj + Gustavsen

  4. Hello Mr. Zaitz, thanks for the cogent comment. A fine client you’ve got! Astaire may be considered (by most these days) in the provinces to be overdressed, but no one can condemn his taste.

  5. To clarify the record…

    Mimo Spano was once the manager at Alfred Dunhill Ltd. when it was still on Fifth Avenue at its “crossroads of the world” location across from Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Mr. Spano was the same style maven then as now; and, definitely well before his tenure with Alan Flusser.

    I will never forget approaching Mr. Spano one day wanting a job at Dunhill. He was very polite and gracious, then he slowly looked me—literally—up and down, head to toe, to take in my style and quality. He flatly stated that I was dressed well, but needed to bring it up a level to work at Dunhill. Then I got the job.

    Keep on, Mr. Spano.

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