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July 3rd

(A bit of history. Actually happened in April, but it seems appropriate.)

I know, I know. I’m falling down on the job. No photos from last night’s dinner party. The good news is that my nose isn’t broken. Just bruised enough that it hurts to wear my glasses, so this will be a short post.

My daughter, you see, is rambunctious. And last night, whilst attempting to wrangle her into her pyjamas, she channelled her Scots ancestry, rocketed straight up out of a crouch and gave me a Glasgow Kiss.

That would be a head butt, to those of you fortunate enough to have never experienced one.

Pow! Right in the nose.

An hour and a half before the dinner.

Which consisted of canapés of paté de canard with foie gras and white bean and fennel purée, panko coated, fried “blow toads,” roasted red pepper soup with sour cream and lump crab meat garnish, and shrimp in tasso gravy over polenta.

Then it turned out that one of my guests was allergic to shellfish. So she had the blow fish (also known as “chicken of the sea”) over the polenta instead.

It pays to check with guests beforehand.

Off to find the red, white and blue bunting.

Happy Independence Day weekend. Our great experiment continues!

8 thoughts on “July 3rd

  1. I’m so sorry about your nose. That same thing has happened to me more times than I want to remember – usually me bending in for a kiss on the top of their heads while they are popping up to tell me something. Hurts like the dickens.

  2. Oh my. I think we have had few of those Glasgow Kisses at our house over the years. You could not look anything but handsome though. Sounds like the perfect meal! For most of you. 🙂

    Have a very Happy 4th!!!!!!

  3. Sorry about your poor nose — this will make a wonderful story when she is older! And it is hard to entertain with food when so many folks have so many allergies — and are on special diets! Sounds like a divine meal anyway! Great video! My personal “Glorious Fourth” favorite is the scene from the movie “Holiday Inn” with Fred Astaire dancing with the firecrackers!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  4. Hope that your little bump is healing nicely.
    Save the seafood for me. I adore fish.
    I also love those little bumps in the road of life that merely cause us to slow down and to
    savour the fireworks of life!

  5. Thank you one and all.

    Mrs. PvE, doing well and I’ve stayed off the vicodin opting for champagne and Flintsonian amounts of meat in honour of Venezuelan Independence Day. Thank you for asking.

    Apologies for not getting back to everyone sooner as I can’t wear my glasses and squinting at the screen is trying.

  6. That’s very amusing. I suppose we were getting too big for our bayonets.

    I hope your nose recovers, poor wee lassie, she must have felt rather guilty.

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