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The penthouse (at the Warwick Hotel) also possessed a magnificent terrace on which Grant could continue his ritual sunbathing — but only at weekends. … On the first fine morning after he had moved in, Grant fetched a deck-chair and stretched himself out in the sun, as always in his swimming trunks.
(From “The Private Cary Grant” by WIlliam Currie McIntosh and William Weaver)

After yesterday’s post on icon A. J. Biddle, I thought a bit about how we can continue to mine the best practices of the past. Pursuing that thought, the passage above leapt to mind.


Especially since I have a bit of a tan and feel better when I do.


A quick jaunt to Target revealed that outdoor furniture is expensive. A folding lounge chair for USD$89? The internet search left me with some seriously wonderful prospects, seen in this post. Also, too expensive.


Walmart at the beach provided me with a selection of folding beach loungers in varying colours and I settled on an orange “canvas” and aluminium model which should hold up for a couple of years. USD$20. Much better.

This summer, I plan to spend at least a half hour a day lounging in the sun. So much more rewarding than a spray on tan, if not as safe, I suppose.


But I doubt that I will ever get back to this depth of colour again… which was my permanent state in ’97 in St. Raph… but you can’t blame a fellow for trying.


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