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Summertime… and Easy is Living

OBX Spex

Kids are jumpin’/and the network is sllllooooowww…

7 thoughts on “Summertime… and Easy is Living

  1. Oh for crying out loud – at least you have what appears to be nary a cloud in the sky, the salt breezes in your face, and the high-pitched squeals of happy tots in the background. Cool shoes, too.

  2. What a glorious view to enjoy! I have been quite entertained by your blog for some months now (though quite computer-impaired) and must say that I very much enjoy your observations. I quite agree with many of your views (usually being told by wife and friends that I appear ‘overdressed’ for most occasions simply because I usually have no use for denim) and am always eager to learn a new recipe to tinker with. The family and I shall be venturing down to the OBX ourselves later this year. Thanks to your contributions I shall be determined to invoke the spirit of Gerald and Sara Murphy during our stay. Cheers!

  3. Yeah, it’s nice down there. If you and Mrs. E are looking for a night out, I recommend the Blue Point in Duck — good food, nice wine list, and a great view out over the Sound.



  4. Welcome DexterHaven! You’ll enjoy yourselves. It’s a great time to re(read) “Everybody Was So Young.” At least the fun parts. Hit the beach before 9 am and you’ll have it virtually all to yourself. A treat that never fails to set the tone for the day.

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