Summer Sweaters

I splurged. I bought something off the rack at high season at retail pricing. Yikes. Completely against just about everything for which I stand. But sometimes you have to do it. Particularly if the item is something classic, stylish and sure to sell out quickly.

From J. Crew no less.

I know what you’re thinking “I don’t care how lightweight it is, it’s summer.”


It’s pretty lightweight thanks to the high cotton content. And today it will barely crest 70ºF here in Central Virginia. Sure tomorrow will begin the seasonal heat as the temperatures and humidity creep ever higher. But in my mind, I’m basking in the late spring sunlight on the Riviera.

(A very lazy start to the morning.)

And what I really looked like, late fall ’96, off the coast of St. Raphaël. (Note the very functional Doc Marten’s and denim on denim look. It was a powerboat…. Possibly St. Tropez in background….)


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