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Summer Light Luncheon


One of the things that I miss most during the renovation of the VMFA is the delightful dining room. Especially when the weather turns warm and thoughts of tuna, chicken and shrimp salad start to make my mouth water. The cold salad plate accompanied by a glass of wine or iced tea (“Sweet tea?” you will always be asked in the South) was a summertime treat before visiting the galleries.

By happy coincidence, I happened to have five jumbo shrimp left over from the seafood en brochettes that I served Saturday night (it was such a madhouse that I forgot to photograph them… shrimp and grouper.) Chopped and mixed with a few of the frozen variety quickly defrosted, I improvised a quick lunch before Mrs. E. took our daughter to her playdate.

The Easy and Elegant Life Grilled Shrimp Salad. (Serves two with a bit left over for a tapas with sundowners.)

For the roll, I used the heel of a whole grain loaf.

4 grilled and chopped jumbo shrimp

1/4 of a Vidalia onion, 4 baby carrots, 1/2 rib of celery, chopped in a food processor

Add a dash of dried tarragon, a spoonful of relish, two soup spoons of mayonnaise, salt and pepper and a splash of key lime juice.

Dress up with a piece of Romaine lettuce for crunch.

Easy and if served al fresco with a Sauvignon Blanc, or at your local art museum, elegant. I couldn’t wait to get outside and took a bite before Mrs. E. grabbed the camera.

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