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Resorting to Casual Wear


When in Rome… well, my idea of resort casual isn’t everyone’s, I suppose. Last evening Mrs. E. and I had our first of two dinners out, as is our tradition. We visited Elzabeth’s Cafe and Winery for the tasting menu (Seared Tuna in Buerre Blanc, Salad with strawberries and blueberries, Haddock with Crabmeat, Pot de Creme, all accompanied by marvelous wines.) There was at least one other man there in a suit (with a tie, even!)

Above, the author after the first shave in three days. White linen two piece suit by J. Crew. Blue, tan and charcoal stripe shirt by Canali, Spectator loafer by Martin Dingman, Ray Bans (the sun came out at 6 PM.)

15 thoughts on “Resorting to Casual Wear

  1. In an ideal world, more guys would dress like this. This looked good in 1925, and will look just as good in 2025. Last night, I was inspired by looking at clips of the 1974 “Great Gatsby” film, and similar outfits worn by Redford and Daisy Buchanan’s cousin. I admired it then, and it looks even better now that we are suffering from the slobification of America. Take a look, and some inspiration:
    I’m so happy that some people are maintaining standards! BRAVO!
    Square with Flair

  2. Elegant, tasteful, classic and sophisticated. The details are all there (perfect break at the hemline, beautiful line (especially with the distorted photo!! ;), perfect collar line and the correct button fastened on the jacket). The spectators add an elegant splash of interest. Well done! You and Mrs. E must have been a lovely couple to see.

  3. I love the word ‘slobification.’ No kidding! Perhaps if Americans were to clean up and dress better (i.e. a little more formally, more tidy, more tailored), do you think better behavior would follow? It is hard to act like a boorish ninny if you are wearing a great linen suit and a spectator loafer. Last week I lamented about the behavior of guests at an otherwise fabulous, dignified college graduation ceremony. Adults behaved as if they were at a hockey game! The relationship between appearance and personal behavior is similar to clean cars and better driving. Somehow, when we look the part, it is easier to rise to the occasion. A good place for most Americans to start might be a diet. Sorry for the grumbling– 🙂

  4. Anything I could say would be a redundancy. I agree with everyone! The shoes are a great touch!

  5. I forgot to add: FLAIR magazine! What a perfect gift! I have a collection of them and never tire of reading them – always finding something new!

  6. Perfect Rig…I’ve just returned from a week away and the service people and law enforcement officers were the best dressed people around. Sad.

  7. easy and elegant, true to your noble self.
    my husband has a suit just like that and it happened to have been made for his father. still chic and timeless!
    ship-shore shape – all you need is a straw boater!

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