Mrs. E. and I recently attended a fundraiser to support FETCH a Cure and thought I’d give you a glimpse of my take on the blazer and jeans dress code in action. We ran into a bunch of friends and discovered that there is a vineyard not 20 miles from here which merits a day trip and picnic this summer. I was particularly taken with their Touriga (a Portuguese grape), a wine that would be delicious with grilled lamb and another called “Sojourn” (a Touriga and Cabernet Franc blend.)

I chose white jeans because of the naval heritage of the double breasted blue blazer. The whole was worn with horse bit loafers, which I come to appreciate more as I age. The gold bit echoes the gold buttons of the blazer. They are “very Richmond” though. Our former parish priest used to wear them, without socks of course, under his cassock. It never failed to amuse me at Communion.

I know that many consider the horsebit loafer “naff,” but take a close look at the photo of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. from Alan Flusser’s “Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion” … and that was a fellow who knew a thing or two about high wattage style. High wattage being the operative term, they do stand out thanks to the metal bit. Gucci did one with a bamboo bit, which I think would make for a perfect summer shoe.

What about you? Do you have an iconic loafer in your wardrobe? Or covet one? (Oh, a reader is looking for a sort of Alden loafer with a Belgian Shoe tie instead of the tassle. Any ideas?)

I’m off for a PET scan today, so I may not have time to answer comments immediately. But I look forward to them nonetheless!

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