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I am frequently struck by carefully, elegantly, curated interiors, I could stare all day at the photos of Yves St Laurent’s and Pierre Bergé’s place. I am amazed that it was kept together so long. Especially since a fashion designer is subject to the shifting winds of fashion and the continual need to reinvent.

Do you tend to stay with a decor once you’ve put it all together? Or do you subscribe to the theory that for all things there is a season? Not having a summer residence to which we can retreat, Mrs. E. and I live surrounded by our things for 12 months a year. Sometimes we add a painting and as a consequence move another, but for the most part, not much changes.

Lately, Mrs. E. has made an investment in art. For my birthday, she trolled eBay, researched an artist and came up with these wonderful paintings now hanging on our dining room wall.


The artist’s name is George Pearse Ennis (1884 – 1936), and he was already an established presence in the art world by the 1910’s. He had a long history with West Point and eventually created stained glass windows for the chapel there as well as murals and windows for for the Unitarian Church, Eastport, Maine; the Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, New York; the Calvary Methodist Church, Bronx, New York, and the First Baptist Church, Jamaica, Long Island, New York. He was an accomplished watercolourist and wrote the entry on watercolours for the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He died in an automobile accident in 1936.

If our finds are the real McCoy, we have two very nice oils by Mr. Ennis. But frankly, we paid about what we would have for oils by local, contemporary artists and I find the paintings and subject matter very appealing. Using my criteria, they were a deal!



Hanging them where we did forced us to move two other paintings that had previously occupied that space. But really, that’s about the only change to the manse in the last six months or so.

I’m curious, are you a set it in place and live with it forever sort? Or do you change with the seasons? (I’d love to do the whole white canvas slipcover thing at least one summer.) Is the secret to an elegant living space ruthless curating, constant renewal and eternal vigilance against clutter? Or is it the accumulation of a lifetime’s worth of curios from your own Grand Tour of Life?

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