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We’ll Be Right Back


… After this brief commercial message. I’m on a rather tight deadline on a project that’s very hush-hush. I may not get a chance to post until next week. Thank you for your patience.

11 thoughts on “We’ll Be Right Back

  1. adore your pink pocket square! i agree with parthenope – lovely picture. you look very relaxed for one on a tight deadline – a study in the art of elegantology…

  2. We’ll all miss you but await the details on the secret project. By the way, you look fabulous.

  3. VERY elegant. Genevieve Antoine Dariaux writes in “A Guide to Elegance” that a man should avoid wearing matching tie and pocket square. I really don’t understand why. If it is ok to match the colour of your belt and your shoes, why shouldn’t one co-ordinate the colour of one’s tie and the colour of one’s hankerchief in the pocket!

  4. dear el

    Call me what you will, but a white pocket square would have performed much better there.

    My view is that the square should talk to the to the tie, not compete with it.


  5. To – G. Morien-Jones

    Matching ones leather and matching ones silk are two completely different games.

    To el – I love your blog


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