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The Rake is On!


The Rake, subscribe online now. Six issues a year delivered for $120 USD to the rest of the world. Expensive, yes. Very, very good. Yes. (Check out some of the articles in their archives.)

(Editor’s Note: Mr. Christian Barker, the elegant editor of The Rake, has just been in touch to mention that the credit card processing function on the site is not working. He has assured me that he will be in contact once the problem is fixed. I’ll be sure and let you know as soon as it is bug-free and ready for you to subscribe.)

2 thoughts on “The Rake is On!

  1. Hello Marsha and welcome. Thanks for the comments. The Rake doesn’t have the fictional element to it and is very male oriented. Have a look at the archival articles on line at their site and see if the content appeals to you. As I say, it’s not cheap, but the production values and content are very high.

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