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Help Is a Click Away.


A big thank you to all who donated time and money to the April Food Day effort. The author of Pigtown-Design has just notified me that we can help again. This time, we’re just asking for a click. One click, one vote, early and often.

From the good folks at Feeding America:

Help Feeding America by voting in the Target Facebook promotion, “Bullseye Gives.” Each time you vote for Feeding America, you will increase the percentage we receive from a $3 million charitable gift from Target. We are one of 10 charities participating in this promotion, which runs from May 10 to May 25. The more votes we receive, the greater our portion of Target’s gift. You can vote once each day, every day.

How to Vote: Visit Target’s Facebook page and cast your vote for Feeding America. NOTE: You must login to Facebook to see this voting page.

If you’re not a Facebook member, you will have to join.
· Becoming a member takes 2 minutes and it’s free!
· You do not have to create a Facebook profile page to vote

More Ways to Help Increase our Portion of Target’s Gift:

· Vote for Feeding America every day from May 10 to May 25
· Encourage your donors, advocates, family and friends to vote for Feeding America
· Change your personal Facebook status every day to encourage voting
· Talk about why it’s important to vote for Feeding America on the Target Fan wall

2 thoughts on “Help Is a Click Away.

  1. Bravo for helping to illuminate the fact the 35 million Americans struggle with food insecurity in this country. Thank you for your help!

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