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An Epic Afternoon

Editor’s Note: All the subscription bugs have been worked out. I’m off to confirm my subscription to this most elegant of men’s magazines. Please join me, if you can

(Look who’s livin’!)

Please visit The Epic for a glance at the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

This is something that I cannot stress enough, we work like demons, it is important to unwind. And with the right mindset, you will be transported, even if you don’t get anywhere near heading for the boarding gate.

3 thoughts on “An Epic Afternoon

  1. Mindset is what it is all about.
    Pour me a tall glass of “dopamine” to release those good endorphins.
    That or a good brisk walk.

  2. that photo just became my computer wallpaper……oooo how I would love to be right there…tomorrow… around 2pm

  3. Everyone my husband and I know works tirelessly with little time off. The American work ethic is alive and well and we responsible taxpayers are being stretched to our limit. When I hear the new slogan, “we are just going to have to work harder,” or that awful reference about ‘needing to have skin in the game,’ the question needs to be asked–work harder for who? For the benefit of ourselves and our extended families and those charities we choose to support, or for the purpose of supporting a seriously bloated and fiscally reckless government?

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