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Women’s Wear … Daily

(A taste of the delights that await you at My Vintage Vogue.)

The Everyday Women’s Wear survey results are in! And thank you for your help. (In answer to questions: #6 shouldn’t have had anything to do with ties; but the result was interesting nonetheless.)

“Time’s have changed/But we’ve often rewound the clock/Since the puritans got a shock/when they landed on Plymouth Rock…”

So sang Cole Porter in his high, quavering voice and boy, he hadn’t seen nothin’ yet! Times have changed, what was once unheard of, even undreamt of, is commonplace. Nowhere is that more evident than in the street fashions of today.

Glancing through the wonderful website mentioned above, I’m afraid that my sartorial tastes (especially in women’s wear) don’t extend past 1959. That’s not to imply that I advocate a return to a more socially oppressive time; I do not. Freedom is a wonderful thing. But it’s tricky. Especially when it comes to clothing. There can be too much license given in terms of the (now, non-existent) dress codes. (Take all this with a grain of salt coming, as it does, from a guy who at one point had spiked hair and two earrings in the same ear. My four years of sartorial rebellion. Don’t miss ’em.)

Which is why I’m happy to report that you are a very well-turned out crowd. While you love your blue jeans, you make every effort to always appear presentable. Judging from your past comments, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. So what would shock Mr. Porter about Easy and Elegant Life’s female readers? Anything most decidedly does not go after all. Your tastes run to the classic.

Here are the results. Sorry I couldn’t make them prettier.







3 thoughts on “Women’s Wear … Daily

  1. To be honest, the answer options were weird. Strangest quiz I’ve taken in a long time.

  2. The survey says… and so it says! Funny, how one can gleam certain bits in surveys. I love your surveys. Always entertaining.

  3. Hello Alex, I’d be happy to ask questions to which you’re interested in hearing the answers. Send ’em in and I’ll include them on the next survey.

    Thanks Mrs. PvE, I wanted to get a bit of a baseline as to what constitutes the average wardrobe and when it is deployed.

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