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Sick Leave

(Courtesy DrMacro)

Forgive me, sick child to nurse back to health. Back after the duration.

9 thoughts on “Sick Leave

  1. Been there, still doing that from time to time. Hope it isn’t anything too serious or contagious. Well wishes.

  2. good luck aii will be fine and we will be here when you return mine is 29 but I stll remember her ability to put everything in perspective from time to time good luck

  3. I hope this passes quickly and that you can all rest easily.
    All the best to all of you, particularly “la malade”!

  4. Very sorry to hear whenever a young one is under the weather or experiencing any difficulty. Hardest on the parents and worth clearing the decks to attend to. Get well soon!

  5. Hello All, Many, many thanks for your very kind wishes.

    My daughter (4 1/2) has a pneumonia in the lower right lobe of the lung. She’s down for the count for a few days (although she doesn’t seem to acknowledge that fact.) Her 3 yr. old brother has just started to spike a mild fever and we’re hoping it’s just a cold.

    Mrs. E. and I are running on adrenaline and coffee in lieu of sleep after the last two nights. Well that and the salade Niçoise I’m about to serve for luncheon with a rosé bubble. Unfortunately, I’ve had to reschedule a curator’s tour of Elegant Entertaining in the Gilded Age at Maymont for the 15th. Hope to have a good report for you soon after. Monday should see me back to business as usual.

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