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Partial Success

Long time readers of Easy and Elegant Life are well aware of my obsession with this image:

Part of an image used by Ralph Lauren in an old campaign.
Part of an image used by Ralph Lauren in an old campaign.

Well, last Friday was a fine day indeed. Killing time before picking up Mrs. E. for our Friday jaunt, I wandered into Peter Blair (think classic with a twist; don’t judge them by the website) and wound up with a new Easter tie and two pairs of XMI cotton socks. Mid-calf. Which explains the title of this post. I prefer over-the-calf and wool. But…


An inexpensive (relatively, I notice that I’m due for new Belgians, and maybe a pair of Alden’s tassel loafers…) elegant score. One sartorial obsession down…

Now have I mentioned the pieces pictured on this dust jacket?


3 thoughts on “Partial Success

  1. Your Belgians have many more miles on them! They may be relegated to less sublime duty but they’ve got plenty of “good” left in them. I’ve had one pair of mine resoled 3 times.

    The Ralph sock/shoe/glen plaid ad campaign had the same impact on me …. that many years ago. I’ve worn out all 4 pairs of the identical socks pictured therein. I also, the year that ad ran, had a glen plaid flannel suit made.

    Yes. It’s an obsession.

  2. Why do I love socks so much? I really do.
    I always bring back cashmere socks from Scotland for the chap who runs my workroom. He’ll do anything I ask now!

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