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Elegance is a hard thing to nail down, as I’m discovering. I know it when I see it. Sometimes it can come wrapped in jeans. Not often, but sometimes. It is never in sneakers; I know that much, at least if the wearer isn’t doing anything athletic.

I thought I was a big proponent of dressing up. It turns out that I am a bigger advocate of dressing well.

As you know, I am a fan of tailored clothing for both sexes, especially in places where air conditioning, or the lack of need for it, is the rule rather than the exception. But this may come of my having been a city dweller for most of my life. I have little need for utility clothing. The closer you are to a metropolitan center, the more formally you dress, at least in my experience. (For a very amusing take on an enforced casualness in the City, please read this….) Some of my thoughts were confirmed by last week’s survey of what men wear. Some.

This won’t begin to cover the topic as I am only allowed ten questions, but I’m curious. The women’s clothing industry is a diverse place when it comes to fashions. I suppose to an extent that is true of menswear, too, but our changes are measured in eighth’s of an inch and take decades, for the most part. There is a reason that the bible of the fashion industry is called “Women’s Wear Daily.” So, I’m curious, what do you consider elegant everyday wear? And do you wear elegant clothing most days? Without sounding too creepy, what are you wearing?

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And if you’re curious and would like to know more, add a question in the comment section. I’ll add them into a new survey.

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