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Easy Does It: The Bow Tie

(The end result, Easy ties one on.)

I’ve decided to go ahead with this next bit at the risk of looking like a complete idiot. I know nothing of video editing and, as you will soon see, I am working impromptu… no script, no practice, no teleprompter. But I hope that you will enjoy the first video in a series that I’m calling “Easy Does It.” Today’s topic: tying one on. A bow tie that is. Let me know what you think and thank you for your kind indulgence.

Please click to watch “Easy Does It: The Bow Tie.”

21 thoughts on “Easy Does It: The Bow Tie

  1. Having slight difficulties with this video. My computer doesn’t seem to like it; in fact it doesn’t like many things, except viruses, which it sucks up like an Electrolux. You couldn’t post it on Youtube and embed it or post a link to that, or something like that? Much appreciated.

  2. Bravo! You even managed to channel CG. I think I learned the butterfly technique from a fraternity brother. Suffice it to say I was all thumbs until shown this easy way to tie one on. Will Richmond see you in a hat as well?

  3. Stellar…superb…bravo. Well done. So interesting that you gave sublime props to Jim from the Britches of Georgetown days. I’ve just walked in the door from dinner with Mark Rykken from that “Britches era”. Alan Flusser was in tow as well. Britches launched Alan’s ready to wear line in the late ’80s as well as Ralph’s.

    Sorry for the ramble. Great first video.

  4. Excellent maiden video! Your demonstrated butterfly method is much more straighforward than the way I learned in prep school. Have a wonderful Easter parade.

  5. I must say, very nice to hear your voice! I’ve forwarded this to my husband; he’s yet to be convinced to wear a bow tie, but perhaps your demonstration will encourage him!

  6. Thank you all for your encouragement. Once I come up with another topic, I’ll post a video again!

    ADG, did/do you know Mark Wilson from BGT days? Those were heady days indeed.

    OK Doug, weather permitting, I like to drag out the straw boater. But I have a new Panama this year, too… we’ll see.

  7. Yes…I did meet Mark Wilson and his brother at one time….wow…I’m getting old!

  8. Per today’s online WSJ, you (and I) are officially trend setters. Apparently, the bow tie is officially “cool” and “hip.”

    I say we enjoy our 5 minutes before reverting to old fogie status!

  9. Excellent presentation! You’d never know it was your first. You’re ready for CNN. Viewers should practice this skill periodically. I have to keep reviewing it or I forget. Save yourself a lot of stress, and practice a few times before special occasions like New Year’s Eve. That reminds me, for the most part, to be elegantly dressed requires planning the outfit and accessories before attending the function. I appreciate the references to the religious and cultural importance of this weekend. Now, if we could only get women to wear those beautiful hats that bestow beauty, charm, and distinction to their Easter and spring ensembles.

  10. ADG, he sold me my first pair of khakis for high school. And used to come to the house for dinner and to fit my father.

    DCLawyer, Ha! Brilliant. How smug I will be at the bar.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Square with Flare. You will be hearing good things from him even at his age! SQF, thanks. Around here you will see a few hats come Easter Sunday on men and women. A few that are serious at any rate. Thanks for commenting.

  12. When my uncle Brian taught me how to tie a bow tie, he said it should be slightly askew so that people know it is not a a clip-on, a tip I have always followed.

  13. Your uncle spoke sense, BB. Like friends, bows are better when they are slightly off. Tied, for example, with a “Churchillian looseness” (Ian Fleming? One of your fellow readers sent that along one comment.)

  14. I recall as a young man in my twenties spending a an hour standing in front of the bathroom mirror and , without any directions, figuring out for myself how to tie a bow tie.

    I also am reminded of the 80’s when power dressing for women included a suit and scarf tied as a bow. One female friend of mine had no clue as to how to do this. We would meet every morning in the coat room were I would tie her scarf for her.

  15. Great video! I wear my tuxedo once a year, to the UW Art Museum Gala! I’ll watch your video again before the event this fall.

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