Two Down

As Dean Martin would say Tempus fugit… baby. Who knew that a very short and to the point post on April 24, 2007 would lead me here?

It’s been two years of naval (blazer) gazing here at Easy and Elegant Life. There are things that I have left undone. I have yet to hear back from any of the famous people I’ve written and asked to weigh in on what defines elegance. I have yet to finish my book on the subject. I haven’t been able to podcast yet and I’m still searching for answers myself.

On the flip side of the coin, I did manage one video. Thanks to all of your support and Meg of Pigtown-Design, a bunch of money got raised to help our fellow Americans get enough to eat. Easy and Elegant Life passed the half a million hits stage a while back. And, I continue to learn so much from you, my readers and the growing online community of aesthetes. Together we are narrowing down the elusive quality that is elegance whilst having a little fun along the way.

So today, I thought it appropriate to pause for a moment in our discussion to see how you’re doing.

Tell me, what would you like to see more of? Do you have any questions that need answers? I’ll be happy to pontificate.

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