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Tagged, I’m It.

(Well Doc, ever since I was a puppy…)

When tartanscot tagged me and asked that I provide six interesting things about myself, I said “sure.”

It’s harder than I expected. I can think of six quirky things right off the bat, but interesting…. I’m pretty normal, average, even.

By the time I was nine years old, I had lived in three countries and spoke three languages other than my own. I only have English and some French now.

I own four tuxedos, three dinner jackets (two white, one plaid), a bottle green velvet smoking jacket and a set of tails.

I’ve worked for a (then) secret government agency, two clothing companies, a internationally famous ad agency, as a direct mail fundraiser, started an advertising/marketing company and was once a ballroom dance instructor.

As an 11 year old, I once brought down two ducks with one shot.

I took second place in sabre in the Junior Olympics in Virginia.

I’ve been to Africa, but have never seen California.

See what I mean?

10 thoughts on “Tagged, I’m It.

  1. O.M.G.
    you fence? I used to compete in the ‘foil’ category. Never did very well . . but, damn, it’s fun. and seriously . . . you’ve GOT to love that uniform . . . lol.

  2. Hi Mr Elegantologist, You’re far from average! Unique is the word to describe you! I was intrigued to read you own the green velvet jacket. OH how I would like to have your wardrobe!!! šŸ™‚ I recentlhy saw a handsome French actor wore it in the film called “The Dreamers”. He looks absolutely stunning! Out of interest, I was wondering if you like scarves. I don’t see you with scarves very often. I would think white polka dots on burgundy or red vintage Tootal scarf would look great on you! Do you own any patchwork Madras jacket (Ralph Lauren is bringing it back, check out their Purple Label- it’s incredibly urbane and suave)? I’d like to know what your opinion on grown up men wearing critter pants?? It looks odd from a British point of view a grown up men wearing trousers that are designed for children! But I heard it seems to be very popular among the elite preppies and Ivy League students!

  3. Hello G. Morien-Jones, Thank you. I’d love to have a polka dot blue and white scarf, but haven’t found one yet. (Well an affordable one anyway…) I do wear a scarf a lot, especially on in-between days. My favourites are an orange cashmere rib knit and a brown glen plaid reverses to a gold ground with blue and white small pattern silk number from Robert Talbott. I don’t have a patchwork madras jacket (trousers, yes….) but I do have a black and white plaid that was my father’s. They can be fun. As can critter trousers — in a sort of “go-to-hell” way. I was thinking of this the other day while I dressed. After a certain age, some items get tricky to wear as they are the provence of the young. That said, I’d still like a pair of trousers in Mrs. E.’s tartan to wear with my DJ.

    Hello Pamela, lack of use. My father spoke seven languages (four fluently.) He made sure that I kept up my French, but the others fell by the wayside. I can understand a lot of Spanish (cognates, mostly) which is nice as Mrs. E. and the children are fully bi-lingual (actually, Mrs. E. speaks three fluently and can get by in two more.)

  4. E,

    My initial introduction to you and your sartorial splendor included a camel hair overcoat, if I’m not mistaken. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it although perhaps it’s one of my nostalgic essentials or eccentricities depending on how you look at it more than it is yours.

    I agree with the consensus – you’re not remotely “average” and you and Mrs. E would be a most welcome addition around my bar tray.

    One suggestion to round out your continental pedigree — the northern part of California, most notably San Francisco. Urbane, sophisticated, dare I say, progressive? Like nowhere else on earth.

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