Snow Day!


It’s snowing here in Richmond, Virginia. In fact, I don’t remember the last time we had this much snow. There must be four or five inches on the ground. That means that the grocery stores will be out of bread and milk and the ABC stores (our Alcoholic Beverage Control, state-run and taxed stores) will be dangerously low on Bourbon. Socked in for a potential long run, people hunker down, the streets will be close to deserted. Those who venture out will do so on cross-country skis, or in SUVs. The drivers will quickly learn that “four-wheel drive” means that all four wheels may spin out of control independent of one another on sharp corners.

On nights like last night, when this started, my thoughts turn to comfort food. Last night I prepared a little Greek spiced macaroni and cheese with leftover grilled hamburgers crumbled up into the mix. (Yes, it’s as easy as using crumbled feta to make the cheese sauce and mixing in all the usual suspects of garlic, oregano, lemon juice, Ouzo, salt and pepper.)

On a snow day, it’s important to fortify yourself against the elements. People have many tried and true rituals — morning breakfasts of pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, cheeseburgers, tacos or nachos at lunch, chili or fondue at dinner — that see them through days of skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. As for me, I see snow and instantly think of:

The Easy and Elegant Life Margarita.
2-3 oz. of Tequila (white works fine, but a gold lends a bit of depth)
2 oz. of Triple Sec or Grand Marnier (the high and low of it)
Splash of lemon or lime juice
Hefty splash of orange juice (fresh squeezed is best, Simply Orange is a good substitute)

Shake over ice and pour into a margarita glass. Goes really well with those nachos at lunch.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been informed that we have a “snow-brachiosaurus” to build.

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