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April Food Day


The re-doubtable and elegant founder of Pigtown-Design and I have a request. And I’m not sure how to go about this. I’ve never asked you for anything other than your opinion before today.

But here we are.

I’ve got a great story about my honeymoon and the lost luncheon, but I’m going against years of direct mail fundraising training to ask as simply and directly as I can for your help.

There are those out there who have been knocked for a loop by the current economic crisis. Lots of them.

Reports show that first time requests at the nations’ food banks are at an all-time high. Just at the point when charitable giving is dropping at an alarming rate and corporate sponsorship is close to non-existent. Which means that the shelves are bare.

There is an organization that is trying to help restock our food banks. Currently there are about 200 food banks across the USA that belong to Feeding America.

Please, I’m asking you to contribute USD$1.00. More if you can, but please, donate at least one buck.

That dollar will provide ten pounds of food or about seven meals to a family in need. USD$25 provides seventy-five meals.

We’re calling the first of April “April Food Day” because this is no joke, but if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry about the situation. Follow that link and it will take you to a page that will explain more and has a link in the sidebar to direct you to the donations page of the organization. There’s one in my sidebar, too. Leave a comment when you visit with the subject “April Food Day” so that Feeding America can track results.

If you live outside our shores, but still realize that this is a global crisis in an ever-shrinking world, you can donate to the global hunger relief efforts, too.

If you have a blog, please write about our combined efforts, post a copy of my post, link, beg your readers to contribute, do whatever you can. Send us a note and we’ll link back to your blog.

We’ve gotten out of worse jams, but we did it together. Like my old instructor used to say: “Think you can go it alone? Try carrying that Zodiac back to the Hummer…” There’s nothing like teamwork. If we all post together and ask our readers to make a contribution on April 1, we can make a huge difference in our communities.

• Send an email to your friends with blogs and ask them to do the same.
• Write a post and publish it on March 31 or April 1, asking your readers to make a contribution to Feeding America. We will provide you with the direct link to Feeding America’s donation page.
• Provide a link to April Food Day and we will link back to your blog and to your post about the April Food Day event.

Thank you for whatever you can do. “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”

8 thoughts on “April Food Day

  1. Donation complete. Excellent idea! My family will go to bed tonight with a full stomach. Hopefully now someone else will as well. Consider it an expression of goodwill and a tangible display of how much I enjoy your blog.

  2. Such a fantastic idea! Would love to help out — have linked under {make a difference} and again in the sidebar with the April Food Day logo . . . Fingers crossed for much success and many donations!

  3. Thanks for putting this idea out to bloggers to spread the word. I did a little post and made my donation. Hopefully we can all be of some assistance.

  4. Thank you for stepping up and providing the the information on this worthy organization. I’ve donated and I’ve linked a blog back to Feeding America with a nod to your blog. I’m hoping there will be much success.

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