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St. Valentine’s Day Treat!


I’m looking at the world through rose coloured glasses today.

I’m not sure if it’s nationwide, but here in Richmond Trader Joe’s has a decent pink sparkling wine for $10 and they are selling one dozen long stem red roses for $10, too. Two dozen coloured roses will set you back USD$15.00

Let’s hear it for the buyer who put the romance back into the holiday. With prices like that you can afford to be extravagant. (Maybe a little of their lobster ravioli for dinner?)

6 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day Treat!

  1. Husband down with flu, so a quiet Valentine’s Day here–we will enjoy our evening out next week minus the crowds. Following an early babysiting gig for adorable twins, daughter off to a high school Valentine’s Day dance–looking completely fabulous in very Pucci looking mini-dress with leggings under, peep-toe black patent pumps, and a gray wool pea coat (vintage, from our 90 year-old neighbor). Hair in a loose bun, a smile on her face. All is well. Mom sips a nice Cab and watches old movies with Mr. Bennett-the-fancy dog at my side. Perfect, easy, and in my view, elegant!

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